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Creatively Directing First Impressions Since '23


Kalina is a cosmetic tattooist and a for-real professional photographer who unexpectedly enjoys taking down the occasional 5-point buck.

Specializing in microblading, powder and ombre brows, color corrections and removals, and with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art, Kalina is no stranger to perfectionism. Utilizing the Principles of Design with a focus in symmetry, shape, and color, she's sure to turn your cosmetic tattoo into a work of art!  

Kalina's passionate about creating a strong bond with her clients, gaining trust from her expertise and keeping a keen eye on the art of aesthetics. She's been described as an "artist of the people".

Available for brow consulting, sharing a good laugh, and/or huckleberry mules.

Contact Kalina here or via photochrome



Brows By Kalina

PMU Artist


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