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Creatively Directing First Impressions Since '16


Caitlin is a cosmetic tattooist and professional stylist who likes pancakes for dinner. After a decade of work and study within the fashion industry and another decade within the permanent makeup industry, Caitlin has been on the pursuit of living her best life ever since.

Every step of Caitlin's journey has been a testament to her boundless dedication and diverse skill set. With two degrees in Fashion Design and Marketing, that took her 8 years to complete, provided her with a solid foundation in both creative and strategic thinking. This period allowed her to delve deeply into the aesthetics and functionality of fashion design, while simultaneously grasping the intricacies of effective marketing. Caitlin developed skills in trend forecasting, understanding consumer behavior, and creating compelling visual narratives, all of which have been indispensable in her multifaceted career. Balancing these two disciplines equipped her with a keen eye for detail and a comprehensive understanding of how to engage and captivate an audience, skills that have translated seamlessly into her work in the fashion industry and beyond.

Her other subsequent roles refined her event coordination skills, perfected her art of precision and creativity, all making her a master of logistics and collaboration and taught her the importance of trust and personal connection when working with people. Venturing into the tattoo industry through tattoo machine business, Redmond Irons, she gained a deep technical understanding that paved the way for her PMU career. Her knack for teaching arose from an organic demand for her insight, leading to invitations to instruct beyond state lines. Always inquisitive, Caitlin’s strife towards excellence and innovation helped her become the sole US distributor for THink Pigment Remover, a revolutionary product from Australia, maintaining a strong relationship with the company's CEO for over five years. Each experience has sculpted Caitlin into the exceptional cosmetic tattooist, PMU educator, and industry disruptor she is today.

Passionate about individuality, working 3 steps ahead, and going big or going home, people have described her as "possessing an iron resolve".

Available for beauty consulting, styling and/or margaritas.



the cosmetic heart.

artist. founder. educator.


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