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) ~~~ yegle awesome app. thanks for making it. jiggy2011 It would be nice if there was a similar app that could find "apps" to run on Android as well. StefanS Or better yet: sort them by the amount of RAM they need, and the amount of disk space they need. pmr_ You'd have to do that yourself. You'd have to create an Android build script that dedupes and compresses assets, which is an extra step and more complex work for each app. Yeah, I'd be interested in such a script as well. I've done that for Android a few times, but there's always some new app that needs to go first. ------ samikc Awesome - well done, really Thanks, it was a lot of work, and has been a few years in the making. noobface Shouldn't this app be in the Android Market? I don't see why we have to hunt down it through some blog. As the developer I would love to put it in the market, but I have to write some code for the market. It's just a simple app that works, nothing fancy. armored this is a really good app. It is almost as convenient as command line apps like 'top'. Good job. Thanks! you to vote NO ON 666 at the polls. "The next thing you know we'll have pyramid building going on in the streets" in the name of Satan. Sunday, November 02, 2006 BARACK OBAMA BETTER MANAGEMENT OF THE COUNTRY, UNTIL HE IS READY TO GO HOME Thank God, the people of Iran are in charge. What we've seen in Iraq and Afghanistan is a government that has been infiltrated by the U.S. and the Joint Chief of Staff - thank God, the people of Iran are there to remind them of what is a legitimate government. "Two U.S. missiles destroyed targets in Yemen, including a mobile radar and anti-aircraft artillery, according to Iranian




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Tsearchcheattooldownload jalalea

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