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THink® Pigment Remover 30ml Bottle Front View

THink® Pigment Remover


After years in development and testing, THink® Pigment Remover is changing the face of removal with a safe and natural removal solution that is simply and effectively needled into the skin. 


THink® Pigment Remover's technical development precisely focused on creating a removal solution that is mild on skin yet tough on ink. In doing so, the formula resulted in the use of a mildly acidic solution - a weak form of glycolic acid - that is readily accepted by the skin, which then allows the pigment particles to move to the skin's surface and literally be wiped away. Up to 3 removal sessions may be required depending on desired outcome. This formula is the secret weapon behind fast, safe and effective pigment removal for permanent makeup.


THink® Pigment Remover is perfect for the following:

  • Lighten and remove; lift existing PMU pigment
  • Significantly fade unwanted saturation
  • Shape alteration or correction
  • Removing unwanted pigment strokes (microblading or machine hairstrokes)
  • Suitable for brows, lips, camouflage, areola, SMP & more


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