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Shantelle Gravelle

Shantelle is our esthetician, down-to-business studio manager and, unequivocally, the glue that holds The Cosmetic Heart studio together.


She's the voice you hear on the other end of the phone; the reassurance that your healing journey is - yes in fact - normal, and the miracle worker that's going to find that last minute service opening out of thin air.


Specializing in microneedling, brow lamination, brow/lash tinting and lash lifting, she's your go-to gal for The Cosmetic Heart's non-PMU services.

Passionate about knocking out to-do lists, anticipating your needs, and making sure clients leave happy, people have described Shantelle as "beauty's ultimate gatekeeper".

Available for beauty consulting, honest opinions and/or coconut mojitos.

Contact Shantelle here or via shellphone.

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Studio Manager/Esthetician
Creatively Directing First Impressions Since '20

Contact Caitlin here or via message in a bottle.

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