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Caitlin Redmond

Caitlin is a cosmetic tattooist and professional stylist who likes pancakes for dinner. After nearly 10 years of work and study within the fashion industry and moonlighting as undercover boss for internationally acclaimed tattoo machine business, Redmond Irons, Caitlin has been on the pursuit of living her best life ever since.


From day one, becoming a cosmetic tattooist has been the greatest fulfillment of her professional life. Caitlin travels to spread her talent as far and wide as the universe will allow - which includes your city, if you ask her nicely.

Passionate about individuality, working 3 steps ahead, and going big or going home, people have described her as "possessing an iron resolve".

Available for beauty consulting, styling and/or margaritas.

about the Artist

Creatively Directing First Impressions Since '16

Contact Caitlin here or via message in a bottle.

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