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Permanent Makeup

The Cosmetic Heart incorporates artistry into every cosmetic tattoo service, providing beauty with purpose in your daily life. Our curated selection of treatments empowers you with lasting confidence and simplifies your beauty routine. Below are our signature services:

Microblading: Microblading is a detailed eyebrow enhancement service that creates a natural and customized look by adding individual hair-like strokes, resulting in fuller and well-defined brows that beautifully frame your face.

Shaded/Ombré Brows: Give your brows a gradient of gorgeousness with our shaded or ombré brows service. It's perfect for those seeking a soft fill beneath their natural hair, offering a powdered look that’s both sophisticated and effortlessly chic.

Combination Brows: The ultimate fusion of precision and depth, our Combination Brows service blends the best of microblading and shading techniques. Perfect for those desiring the natural hair-like strokes of microblading along with the fullness and dimension of shading

Eyeliner: Define your eyes with precision-perfect eyeliner that won’t smudge or wear off. Ideal for saving precious time every morning and keeping your eyeliner impeccable from day to night.

Lip Blush: Enhance the natural hue of your lips with our lip blush service, providing a subtle wash of color that perfects the shape of your lips, giving them a fuller, softer appearance without the constant need for lipstick reapplication.

Cosmetic Freckles: Embrace the sun-kissed sparkle with tastefully tattooed freckles that bring out a youthful, whimsical charm all year round.

Corrections: If past cosmetic tattoos didn't go as planned, our correction service is your pathway to restoring and refining the results, ensuring your features are enhanced just the way you like.

THink® Removal: Sometimes change is necessary. Our THink removal service offers a fresh start, gently fading unwanted cosmetic tattoos or pigments, paving the way for new artistry or a return to your original canvas.

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Permanent Makeup

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